Hey every one I have lots of news for 2013 I’m so sorry for the lack of updates but I have just been BOMBED! heres some news so far…..


Chris Bickley signature model wins 2 awards for guitar of the year for 2012! Along side Jason Becker and many more!! Check out the link below!


Chris Bickleys debut album makes senior editor John kindred’s list for Hard Rock Haven’s top ten best of 2012!

along side KISS, Blind Guardian  and fellow label mate Tore St. Moren! For the complete list click on the link below!


Terri Lane is going back in the studio hopefully we finish up this record this year, its a great album and hope fully there will be some more live shows to follow too!!

The New Thunderhead album is very close to completion.  We have new songs and some live tracks as well.  I anticipate this album to be released this year as well.

I’ll be featured on the next Chris Jacobson album along with Power House drummer Rhino of Manowar, no projected date as to when it will be available or completed but none the less its  so far a solid effort and I’m happy with it .

I also appear on the new  Iron Maiden tribute  album “Two Minutes To Midnight: A Millennium Tribute To Iron Maiden” on Versailles  records. I play on the song  “The Prisoner” with the band “This time down”.

Other news:

Christine Ohlman makes number 7 out of the  top 30 best female vocalists on alternate root’s poll  “30 best female vocalists right now”

Christine Ohlman and Rebel Montez  make #26 in the alternate roots top 50 best  americana bands right now !!








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