Chris Bickley Signs with Randall Amps


Chris is proud to be apart of the Randall family  his amp of choice is the RT series  50 watt all tube  combo

specs and description:

RT Series Amplifiers

The All Tube RT Series

The new Randall RT Series is an extremely flexible, all tube group of 50 and 100 watt guitar amplifiers offering a range of tones from clean Country & Jazz to Full Metal/Shred. Each amp features black chrome steel grill and control panel, spring reverb, and an effects loop.

In addition, each amp features a power tube bias section on the back that allows the player to replace, bias & match the tubes themselves with just an inexpensive volt meter available at any electronics or home improvement store. The RT Series utilizes 12AX7 preamp tubes and 6L6 power tubes which can be swapped out with EL34s for a more British vibe.

Two heads, the RT100 & RT503 feature 3 discrete channels and include a 3 mode footswitch. The RT50C combo & the head only version, the RT50H feature 2 separate channels and include a 2 mode footswitch.

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